Paid Website Promotion

What is Paid Website Promotion?

A survey by TMI showed that 95% of internet users go online to search for information; the vast majority of these surfers choose to do so on Google. In Google’s arena businesses must essentially fight over these potential customer’s attention; but in order to do so successfully, they must secure the top spots on the search results, and this is what makes advertising on Google such a cut-throat business. Because of how competitive the market is, SEO (search engine optimization) has become a crucial part of insuring the success of a website.

Google capitalizes on this competition by offering websites paid advertising spots that rank first in the search results. Google allows you to purchase advertising space above the “Organic Results” the search engine generates, and on the side of the page. This kind of website-promotion is also called a “paid advertising campaign” (CPS/PPC).

In such a campaign, the client decides how much money they are willing to invest in advertising, and the ad will run every day until the budget runs out. These advertisements work on a “Pay Per Click” (PPC) basis, meaning, the site pays Google for every person who clicks on the sponsored link. The link appears to Google-users who are looking for specific words, which are agreed upon in advance. This means, that the site only pays Google if people clicked on the link and visited the site. Where the ad runs on Google’s page will depend on the maximum amount the the website owner is willing to invest per click, and the ratio between the amount of people who see the ad, to the amount who click on it; this works like an auction, and sites bid (CPC Bid) on the ad space.

The greatest advantage of paid advertising is almost instant results. “Organic” SEO (search engine optimization) is a long process, that can take months, while a paid campaign, will yield fast results. This is because, more people will see the ad on the first page of their Google search, and because these people were already searching for those key-words, they are more likely to click on it. Moreover, due to the fact they were already looking for related content, they are the optimal clients to draw into your site.

Paid Web-Site Promoting Through Interdate

A paid campaign is an integral part of the site-promotion process; our clients choose this kind of promotion for fast results, until such a time as it is possible to promote the site “Organically”, or alongside “Organic Promotion”.

Given that Google currently dominates 90% of the “search market”, most of our paid advertising campaigns are focused on Google Adwords. Success of an ad on Google is measured according to how marketable the text is, where it is ranked on Google, and how relevant the key search words are to the ad. Anyone can go ahead and advertise with Google Adwords, but only experienced SEO professionals will be able to optimize the campaign results, insuring you get the maximum amount of referrals for the money you spend.

If you would like to discuss this further, we would be happy to sit down with you and do so.

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