Organic SEO

What is Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization): What does it involve, and is it a good investment?  

Organic SEO (search engine optimization) is the promotion of a site in the “search results” of the leading search engine companies: Google, MSN, and Yahoo. Because 85% of people don’t read results after the second search page, it is crucial for a site to be ranked on the first page. Websites who want to improve their search engine ranking must use Organic SEO in order to prevent losing potential customers.

Organic SEO is a series of continuous and dynamic actions that require constant updates on the site in order to better its ranking on search engines, and improve the traffic to the site. Organic promotion is mandatory for any site that wishes to reach a large and more relevant pool of potential customers. This is why branding and Organic Promotion are such an important part of increasing traffic to a site.

So, How Does it All Work?  

SEO professionals optimize the site’s written content and code, making it more accessible to the search engines (on-site work). Search engines will mark the site as better quality and more relevant to the searchers, and will therefore rank it higher in the search results. The process of site optimization includes adapting and changing: the sites code, adding meta-tags, and much more. While in the meantime, tweaking the written content of the site. Part of the process is also off-site work: link exchanging, generating new content, joint-ventures with other sites, while integrating “Keywords” into the written content.

Organic Promotion Through Interdate

Interdate specializes in Organic SEO and promotion. We believe in maintaining a professional standard of meticulous and comprehensive planning, while taking into consideration the wants and needs of our clients. Furthermore, we have to take into account the constantly changing technology in the field

The first thing we do is have a sit-down meeting to discuss the client’s needs from the site. After that, we run a “Keyword Research” that will allow us to focus on specific subjects to promote that will rank the site higher on Google. When we choose they key search words, we take into consideration: the amount of search results for each of the “keywords”, how relevant each one of the “keywords” is, “keyword targeting” and “conversion rate”, alternate keywords”, spelling, competitiveness, and more.

Next, we will run a thorough analysis of the site, and decide on an optimization strategy for it. Our programmers will then work on improving the site’s code, while our content editors will read through the written content, and will improve it so it is more accessible to search engines.

The next stage is “off site promotion”, where our team focuses on joint-ventures with other websites.The whole process is monitored, and we make sure to update the client as often as agreed upon in advance. There are many ways to “Organically” promote a site; each will ensure that your site ranks higher in the leading search engine’s results, which in turn will increase your site’s traffic.

We would be happy to provide you with a free consultation meeting and discuss how we can help promote your site.

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