Website Promotion

Website promotion and SEO (search engine optimization) is a fast-growing and developing field. If in the past a customer used to consult friends before a purchase, today, searching for items on Google makes internet shopping quick and easy. This means, that in order for a website to stay relevant, your site must rank as high as possible on Google’s search results, and given how competitive top-spots are, advertisers fight over “Search Terms” in order to get there. Investing in promotion is considered extremely profitable, given that sites that rank higher in search engines, get thousands of new potential clients in traffic.

Choosing Your Web-Site Promotion Company

In order to land the top-spots, you will need a well seasoned internet promotion and SEO (search engine optimization) company, that knows how search engines work, and more importantly, stay updated on all the new technological developments. A good company will help you make your site more attractive not only to viewers, but also to search engines.

Developing & Promoting a Website

Launching a successful site is only the first step on the road to success; even if you have an attractive, and well-designed website, you still won’t be able to draw new customers in, unless you are ranked highly on Google. It’s important to note that search engines don’t rank your site according to how attractive or technologically advanced it is, but according to how relevant it think your site will be to the searcher. Choosing a company that will promote your website is the crucial difference between your site’s success or failure.

Ways of Promoting Your Site

There are different ways of promoting your site; through the content and coding, or through other websites. There are two basic ways of promotion: Organic Promotion, and Paid Promotion; you can choose either, or combine them, but the point of a web-Site promotion company is to advise you on which option will be better for your site, given your unique needs and budget.

Optimization of the Site’s Content & Code

Part of a promotion company’s job is assess and optimize the site’s code in order to make it more accessible to the search engine’s search algorithms. This is done by professional programmers, who have a great deal of experience with building websites, and therefore know the kind of methodology that is needed to improve the code. Simultaneously, our content editors optimize the site’s written content, while integrating “keywords” into the site’s various texts.

Organic Website Promotion

Organic SEO (search engine optimization) promotes your site within Google’s regular search results. Promoting your site organically means that by integrating the relevant search-words into your site, your site will rank higher on Google’s search results. This is done by experienced website promoters, who use a number of different tools and resources in order to rank your website higher on Google’s results.

There is a great deal of power in Organic SEO: research shows that this kind of promotion is very effective because consumers trust Google to rank the best and most relevant results at the top of the page. Organic SEO helps keep your site in the top search results, and this way, more customers will be able to find you.

Paid Website Promotion

Paid Website Promotion (PPC-Pay Per Click) is essentially buying advertising space on Google’s search results, according to the search-phrases relevant to your site. In paid promotion, a link to your site will appear above the “organic search results”, or on the side of the page. In “pay-per-click” you don’t pay for the ad space, but rather pay a sum of money for every person who clicks on the link to your site. This allows you better control over your advertising budget; you decide how much you are willing to pay Google per click, and your ad will stay up until that budget runs out. The advantage of this kind of promotion is an instant but short term increase in traffic; meaning, you will receive more visitors to your site during the time period your ad is running.

At Interdate, we will help you decide what kind of promotion is better suited to your website’s needs. If you decide on paid promotion, we will build you a campaign that will help promote you to the relevant Google searchers. If you decide to go with “Organic” SEO, we will assess your content and code, and advise you in what technical changes are needed in order to improve your search engine ranking. The second stage will include choosing the “Keywords” that are most relevant to your site, and begin actively promoting it.

Don’t know which kind of promotion to pick? Pick up the phone and come in for a free consultation with us.

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