Recommendation Letters

We too, love when people take the time to not only complement the work that we do, but also recommend us to new clients. But moreover, when we feel that we brought to life our client’s vision for their project. It’s important to us to know that we helped them by providing a correct emphasis and characterization for the site, alongside the most innovative technology, as well as optimal planning and execution. But most importantly, that at the end of the day, we acquired another partner, and sometimes even a close friend.

Here are some of the recommendation letters we received from our customers:


Recommendation By: Tut-Vanil, 18/02/2010

For: Interdate LTD

To whom this may concern,

I would like to recommend Interdate’s Online Promotion services,

Our company Tut-Vanil (Strawberry-Vanilla), supplies an online gift service for mothers who have just given birth. We hired Interdate for a year, to Organically promote our site on Google.

Interdate did a splendid job, while always being available to us, paying attention to every little detail on the website, and attending to all of our needs.

The timeline we had originally set for results was significantly shortened, and soon we had not only increased traffic to the site, but also an increase in business. This is thanks to Interdate’s hard work, especially given how competitive the business is.

It is clear that those who run the company, namely Daniel Brunicki, have a great deal of experience, are highly professional, and have a deep understanding of internet promotion. That’s why, in my opinion, Interdate’s work is praiseworthy.

Kind Regards,

Adi Cohen,

Owner of Tut-Vanil


Recommendation By: ISIS Center, 25/11/2012

For: Daniel Brunicki

Interdate LTD

The Center for Mental, Physical, & Nutritional Balance, was founded in order to help children and adults suffering from obesity. Obesity and eating disorders are a result of an emotional imbalance, usually accompanied by a lack of physical activity. Our unique model helps treat both the physical and emotional causes of obesity and eating disorders, helping our patients find equilibrium and achieve their desired weight.

When we first started working with Daniel and Interdate, our site was two years old, and was only getting eight hits a day. At that time, most of our budget was invested in print advertising that was not giving us any return. Because of our fruitless labor, we turned to Interdate with the hope of changing direction, and promoting our site online.

The first part of our partnership with Interdate was focused on on “Organic” and “Inorganic” promotion. What we wanted, was to promote our site, and expose it to people looking for a better dieting plan, or a solution for their eating disorder. During the first year of working with Interdate, the amount of daily visits to the site rose to between 30-60 hits a day; which is in itself, a great achievement. In the next stage, Daniel explained to us that we can increase the site’s efficiency by sharpening the messages, summarizing the content, and re-branding and designing the site. So, together with the Interdate staff, we sat down to work on updating our site; a great deal of thought was put into a number of different design ideas, the site’s messages were sharpened, and new content was written. The new site was launched last month, and the number grew dramatically from 30 to 80.

I would like to note here that the service we receive from Daniel was direct, honest, and personal. When Daniel isn’t around, we can always count on Yuval for help and technical support. Interdate is professional, and you can always count on their employees for reliable and honest service.

I highly recommend Interdate’s website developing and promoting services; our work experience with them was wonderful, and we fully intend to continue using them also in the years to come.


Dr. Sharon Iron Segev


The Center for Mental, Physical, & Nutritional Balance, ISIS Center.


Recommendation By: Orbach Halevi- Architectural firm, 17/12/2010

For: Interdate LTD

Interdate developed for us a professional, and sophisticated website.

The amount of views our site gets doubled, and we are constantly receiving a great deal of praise for how professional it looks. After the design was done, Interdate began to promote our site in the search engines, and this too was a great success. Today, we are still working with Interdate another project, and we highly recommend their services.


Ori HaLevi

Orbach- Halevi- Architect Engineers Inc.


Recommendation By: Ommyx, 13/02/2010

For: Daniel and Yuval

I would like to thank you and your staff for the great service and support we received from your company during the process of developing our website.

It’s important to note the professional, patient, and devoted responses we received anytime we needed assistance.

I am hoping for that we continue to work so well together.

With Thanks,

Alon Shwartz

Ommyx CEO


Recommendation By: Concept INC. , 03/06/2009

For: Daniel

I am very happy to send you my recomendation letter, thank you again for everything!

I would like to thank the entire Interdate staff for the wonderful service I received during the launch of our site; I really enjoyed every moment of working together on it. Thank you for your motivation, devotion, patience, and professional approach. I am thrilled with the final result, and happy to know that I am in good hands, and would highly recommend your services to anyone looking to build a website.

Orit, Concept & Design   


Recommendation By: Studio Eldad Shaw, 08/02/09

For: Daniel, Yuval and The Interdate Staff

We decided to write you this thank-you letter for a product that truly surpassed our expectations.

After months of searching and negotiations with website developers, and with no previous introduction, we decided on Interdate to build our website.

We had in mind tons of ideas that turned into demands, some were over the top, partly from lack of experience in the field of internet promotion.

But we were delighted to find an internet company with professional developers, who pleasantly, professionally, and with a sense of humor, built us a website. Their attentiveness to our needs helped launch our studio’s site and gain traction.

We are constantly receiving positive feedback about the site, we are very glad we decided to listen to your advice, and didn’t fall into the trap of following the fantasies we started out with.

Since the site was launched, we have referred anyone who asks about our website to you, and we will continue to do so in the future.

Needless to say, that our working relationship has evolved into friendship. It isn’t easy today to find service providers that beyond their professional outlook, have a great sense of humor, and are always there for advice and consultation.

We would love to cooperate with you in the future on various projects, and continue to enjoy our winning product that reflects our studio.

Tahel Azulai

Studio Eldad Shaw for Graphic Design


Recommendation by: Auto Center, 13/09/2010

For: Yuval

I would like to thank Interdate for the support and service our site received from your company. Throughout our work with you, you provided us with a high level of professional service

Thank you again,

Wishing you a happy new year and gmar chatima tova!


Eyelet Keret

Chief Information Officer (CIO)



Recommendation By: AlCE INC., 04/12/07

For: Yuval and Daniel

Now, after finishing a promotional campaign on Google, and beginning a new campaign on other search engines, and after a few years of working together, I wanted to thank you for your service and personal attention.

When it comes to assessing the service’s results, your work speaks for itself. You promised to keep us in the top search-results on Google, and you kept your word. This helped promote the summer experiences we offer adults and children.

Moreover, the “extras”, and your competitive pricing left us with a great positive feeling.

Happy Hanukkah!

We hope that all our future endeavors together will be as prosperous!


Adi Shenhar

Joint CEO



Recommendation By: “Ksharim” (Connections)- Dating for Religious Jews, 05/11/08

For: Interdate

To whom this may concern,

I would like to recommend Interdate that developed “Ksharim” for me. Right from the first meeting, and after hours of phone calls, emails, support, and advice, from Yuval and Daniel, were always good natured and ready to help. They finished the project quickly and efficiently, and pushed the project gently and with good advice. The result was beyond my expectations because they invest themselves in the work, and always had time and were happy to help, and most importantly, they love what they do.

Their guidance helped quickly put my site at the top of list.

It is said that acknowledging the good people do, is one of the most important things we can do in this world, and I’m happy to do so in the case of Yuval and Daniel.

Thank you,

Asaf, “Ksharim”


Recommendation By: Litom Publications, 22/05/2008

For: Interdate

It’s not everyday that one meets such honest and special people, it was an absolute pleasure working with the Interdate staff; the service was wonderful, I could always get someone on the phone quickly, and issues were resolved with no delay. I felt that as a client my needs were heard and met, and most importantly, the staff were lovely. Interdate makes you feel as if you are at the top of their priority list, and their most important client.

Interdate built for our publication a website, and promoted it through the media, including online promotion on the site.

Since the beginning of our partnership with them, our marketing strategy has become a lot more focused, which in practice meant the site was quickly gaining traction.

I would like to note, that Interdate’s staff are creative, and did their very best to suite the work to our special needs as a publishing house. The staff spent a lot of time strategizing, and carefully following the marketing results. Our contact with the staff was constant, and always positive, they were always quick to respond, and this is why we would highly recommend their services.


Anat Aomanski

Writer & Publisher

Litom Publications


Recommendation By: Contact IL, 02/07/2009

For: Interdate

I would like to show my gratitude and appreciation for the great service that we received from your company while building and promoting our website.

The professional attitude, the patience, and service we received when we needed help were notworthy. We were amazed to discover what a huge payoff  internet promotion was to our company, and how much it increased our revenue.

We hope to continue working together in the future,

Thank you for the wonderful job you have done on our project, and for the amazing service.


Oren Zohar, CEO

M.B Contact IL INC.


Recommendation By: “Yazamco” INC., 15/06/2008

For: Interdate

When we first decided to start a new website, what we wanted was a site that would convey our company’s basic messages, showcase our strengths, and contain professional content. We wanted our site to be user friendly, and have a clean, marketable, and professional design.

It was our good fortune to give our project to Interdate, because of their high level of professional dedication, attention to detail, and ability to empathize with our needs. Thanks to this, they outdid our expectations, and the bottom line is the final product is something we can be proud of.

We highly recommend using Interdate for your internet needs.

Thank you Daniel, Yuval, and Arthur.


Chen Margolin

Commercial VP

Yazamco INC.


Recommendation By: STD Clinic, 01/07/2009

For: Interdate

To whom this may concern,

I would like to recommend Interdate, who accompanied us throughout the whole process of developing and promoting STD Clinic’s site. Since we started working with Interdate, our marketing strategy has become a lot more focused, and results didn’t take long to follow, the clinic’s activities doubled. It’s important to note, that Interdate’s staff are creative thinkers, and knew how to take into account our special needs as a clinic. Interdate was meticulous about following our marketing results, while constantly anticipating them ahead of time. All of our contact with Interdate was pleasant, constant, and we always received a quick reply from them when we needed it. I owe Interdate for the dramatic increase in our activities, and would highly recommend them.


Dr. Goldstein

STD Clinic Manager – Tel Aviv

Director of Outpatient Children and Youth Clinic

Kaplan Medical Center- Rehovot



Recommendation By: Geneva On-Line, 12/03/2007

For: Interdate

To Whom it may Concern

During 2005 and 2006, Interdate-ltd developed and managed the planning, design and programming of

During this time, I found Interdate-ltd to be an extremely professional and customer oriented organization

Their project managers were very helpful and always available, and their work was always satisfactory.

For further questions, feel free to contact me at


Oded Ofek

Founder and manager



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