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Interdate is an internet startup that’s new and innovative initiatives have caused ripples. Here are some examples of some of the media feedback we have received over the years:

Go Baby

Go baby helps people find a partner for parenthood. It is currently the largest site in Israel dedicated to helping people find a partner for raising a child, and has dozens of users. The site was developed and launched by Interdate in 2007, and since then has grown and brought about many happy success stories. The site attracts people looking to start a new kind of family unit.It’s clear that those who turn to GoBaby are looking for a different kind of parenting experience.

“A New Website Called GoBaby Will Help You Find a Partner for Parenting”- Globes, 04/09/2008

This short article from Globes gives a great overview of the website through the eyes of the site’s developers.

“The Purpose of the Date is to Make a Baby”- Channel Two News, 14/06/09

This TV segment is based on people who are looking for alternative ways to create their family. The site is mentioned throughout the report, and the site’s developers are interviewed for it.

Television interview on the Channel Ten show “The Professionals”, hosted by Shira Flix, 22/06/10

The segment features Yuval Katz, one of GoBaby’s developers.

“Egg Searching for a Sperm”- A Nana10 “Fashion & Lifestyle” piece, 22/02/09

The article gives a great deal of insight into “The Center For Alternative Parenting” and the GoBaby website which provides a platform for joint-parenting.

Channel Ten interview on “Eize Yoffy” (How Lovely), hosted by Naama Kesari, 25/07/10

The segment features Yuval Katz, one of GoBaby’s developers.

בנק הזרע? לא בשבילנו. חד הוריות שבחרו אחרת – כתבה ב- YNET מתאריך: 23.06.10

“Sperm Banks are Not For Us! Singles Moms Who Made Different Choices”- YNET, 23/06/10

Featured in YNET’s “Health & Lifestyle section, it discusses different kinds of parenting.

“Closeted Gay Man Seeking Woman for Marriage and Children”- YNET, 24/06/10

The article features a gay man who is looking to get married and start a family.


RichDate is a dating website with a unique concept: the site pairs rich men with beautiful women; this is the only site in Israel that offers this service. When the site was launched it created a great deal of media interest, and hundreds of new singles signed up.

“A New Israeli Dating Site: entrance granted only to the wealthy and good looking”- Globes, 19/9/2010

The article features the site’s launch in 2010

“A New Israeli Dating Site: entrance denied to the broke and unattractive”- YNET, 06/09/10

This article appeared on YNET’s internet section, and discussed RichDate and phenomenon of rich men who date beautiful women.

“RichDate: The Development and Launch Process”- An Interview on Radio 103, 07/09/10

Yuval Katz discusses the need for niche dating sites of this kind.

“Israeli Company Launches New Dating Service for Beautiful People Looking for a Rich Match”- The Economist, 19/09/10

The article was published in the “Israeli Portal for Finance and Economics” when RichDate was launched.

Yuval Katz hosted on “Layla Calcali” (Economics Tonight), Channel Ten

The Complete Interview


SheDate is the largest women’s only dating site. Launched in 2002 by Interdate, and is currently run by a member of the LGBTQ community.

“The Five Best Dating Sites”- MAKO, 07/10/10

MAKO ranks SheDate as one of the top five best dating sites in Israel

“Women Only, Thank God”- NRG, 06/07/04

The article features SheDate. and its importance to the lesbian and bisexual community

YNET Features SheDate, 20/03/06

Tali Binder’s opinion piece on the site.


“A New Dating Site for Women”- HOT, 16/09/06

The Channel 3 news feature surveyed the different dating services offered, including SheDate. Being interviewed in this feature is Tali Binder (see above).

Dating 4 Disabled:

D4D is an international website (In English), that allows those with disabilities to find and connect with one-another. The website has thousands of followers from all over the world, and is another one of our success stories. It has been up and running since 2005, and continues to grown every year.

“Israeli Dating Site Brings Joy to the Disabled”- Israel21c, 04/06/08

The article features the site

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