Developing Cell Phone Sites

Modern website owners cannot ignore the presence that cell-phones have in today’s internet market; since the invention of the smartphone in 2007, cell-phone use rises annually. This means that in order to stay relevant websites must tailor their sites for smart-phone use. Furthermore, ignoring the need for redesigning the site for such use, means missing out on a large amount of potential customers. Building cell-phone websites is one of our specialties here at Interdate: we offer our clients a top quality, professional service, that will help you adapt your site for your smart-phone users.

Another one of our expertise is “Responsive Websites”; what a responsive website does, is it automatically adjusts your content to the size of the screen displaying it. Meaning, the same content that appears on your computer screen, will re-size itself when displayed on a tablet or smart-phone.

When planning your site, we may suggest you choose a “Responsive Site” over a ”Cell Phone Site”. This is because the general consensus in the market today is that although building a “Responsive Site” takes longer and, is more complicated, it serves the site owners better over time.

Here are a number of examples of sites for smart-phone: 

Orbach Halevi

Orbach Halevi- Responsive Website

Noble Energy

Noble Energy- Cell Phone Site 

Responsive Site

Interdate- Responsive Website

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