About Us

Inter-Date was founded in 2003 by a group of IT (information technology) and computer science professionals. The internet services we provide stem from an “holistic approach” to the field; we believe in providing integrated web solutions for our clients, thus offering them a much better and well rounded service.

In today’s market any company that wants to grow and prosper must have an online presence, and that is where we come in. Inter-Date offers a number of different services: website development, online promotion, application development, and social media branding. The fact that we specialize in SEO (search engine optimization) allows us to plan ahead a marketing strategy, while still in the development stage. This allows for a better infrastructure for future organic promotion of your brand.

Inter-Date has a great deal of experience with everything from building sites to running them. In the past, we have developed: dating sites, mini-sites, on-line catalogues, electronic trading sites, corporate web sites, blogs, chat rooms and forums.

In order to develop a website, it is necessary to coordinate between a number of different professionals: programmers, graphic artists, web-designers, branding and concept marketers, and content writers and editors. Our advantage is we can offer all of these services in one place. Inter-Date brings together all the different components during the process, while constantly bearing in mind the customer’s wants and needs. We do this by making our customers part of the process. We  take them step-by-step, all the way from planning and development, through to promoting the brand.

Our company has been certified by Google in Internet Promotion and Search Engine Optimization, and as such, we only hire professionals in the field. Our content writers are constantly working on joint-ventures, meant to improve content promotion. Furthermore, the content they produce is easily accessible to search engines.

Inter-Date also develops and runs a number of different unique and highly successful websites, and because we are also developers for ourselves, we understand what it is like to be in the client’s shoes. This gives us a great deal of insight into our client’s needs, and allows us to do a better job at helping them during the development process. It is important to us that our clients feel a part of the process, and their needs are both heard and met, and most importantly, that the end product embodies the vision they had in mind.

The combination of technological understanding, extended knowledge in the field of branding, and promoting websites, combined with our own initiative experience, allows our development team to do the very best job at developing and promoting sites.

We believe in maintaining long term partnerships with our clients, because maintaining these relationships not only leads to future projects, but these partners also refer us a great deal of work from new clients.

We would be happy to welcome you to our client list.

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